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Reverend William D. McCullough

Rev. William D. McCullough is an influential leader who serves with excellence and integrity. Throughout his 20 years of ministry he is founder and CEO of U-Turn Ministries, Safe Street Kids (SSK) and senior pastor of Russell Temple CME Church in Bridgeport, Connecticut which has more than 250 members and over 10 outreach ministries. He has touched lives of thousands in Pennsylvania and Connecticut, through various conferences, relief efforts, community service initiatives, and humanitarian projects. He completed the public schools of Southeast Delaware County School District in Darby Township, Pennsylvania where he excelled in academics and athletics. Reverend McCullough attended the Widener University where he studied Business Management, Chester, PA and furthered his studies at the International Theological School of Divinity, Atlanta, Georgia. In March of 1992 he was issued a Local Preacher’s License at the Mount Zion Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Darby Township, PA. Three years later he was ordained an elder in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.Pastor McCullough is a charismatic leader, visionary, provocative thinker and entrepreneur who serve as senior pastor of Russell Temple CME Church in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Pastor McCullough extends a hand of help to the needy, heart of compassion to the hurting, and message of empowerment to the oppressed and disenfranchised.Beyond the pulpit, Pastor McCullough is taking a stand for education in the Public School system. His Safe Street Kids Project (S.S.K.) is an education non-profit dedicated to ensuing every child has the opportunity to attend an excellent public school. His mission is to provide educational enrichment programs, mentorship, and good student recognition. His vision is to proactively bridge the gap between churches and schools, creating a safe community environment that promises, promotes and provides educational enhancement for our children.



Rev. Geraldine Hoyt- McCullough is a native of Seattle, Washington. She is the owner of McCullough’s Alabaster Box and she currently serves alongside her husband in the ministry at the Russell Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in Bridgeport, Ct., where she is the director of “I Am My Sister’s Keeper” Women’s Ministry, founder and CEO of The Women Liberated Organization, founder of the Ladies of Etiquette and Elegance Organization, President of the New York- New England Minister Spouses and Sunday School Teacher. She is the Vice-Chairman for U-Turn Ministries Community Development Corporation, and very active in various Women Ministries in New Haven, Ct. and surrounding areas. She attened Newmann College in Afton, PA where she studied Human Resource Management. Rev. McCullough has also served as the Vice- President of the New York-Washington Region Minister’s Spouses for eight years and Director of the Christian Youth Fellowship (CYF) for eight years.


Reverend Geraldine Hoyt- McCullough

The McCullough Family

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